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Last call for bookings. Thursday is sold out due to a private function so just Friday and Saturday night availability. Look forward to seeing you there!

Ooh-Fondue The Menu

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Ooh-Fondue The Menu

Here it is. The Ooh-Fondue menu.

Sexy time

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Cheese after hours. Book now. You know you want to.

See that thing on the right?

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Want you slice of fondue action? Well, obviously fondue doesn’t slice. So, for your scoop of fondue, book using the Eventbright widget over there, in the right column. It displays in dollars but once you come to the booking bit, it realises the error of its ways and reverts back to the Great British Pound.

Ooh-Fondue – the movie (trailer)

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Rather than us bang on about what a good time we had. Here’s the proof.

Party Time

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Christos gets a forkful
Christos gets a forkful

Every since the dawn of time, man has clustered around flames and told each other stories, but it wasn’t until the advent of curds and whey when things got really interesting.

What better way to test the concept than to get all your friends round, ply them with alcohol and get them to vote on the best recipes?

Despite lubrication the feedback we received was mostly helpful (that fourth snifter of Eau du Vie was a mistake, but we appreciated the song). Strangers become new friends and everyone bonded around pots of molten cheese. Thank goodness!

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Jane puts the ooh into fondue
Jane   puts  the   ooh   into   fondue
The French gets its approval from the lovely Beth
Vintage  table  settings  for     dinner.

Test Night – Battle of the Cheeses

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Must get cheese.

Rather than dive head first into a vat of fondue, the team thought it best to test out a few options. If the ambition is to create culinary delight above and beyond the alpine experience, then we need to play around with some ideas.

Representing Britan : Neal's Yard Cheese
Neal’s Yard Cheese

The first being to find cheeses that please(s). The obvious debate was French verses British, and without wanted to go all Boris Johnson, we loved the idea of the ultimate British fondue.

French cheese from the guys in Borough market
French cheese from the guys in Borough market

So, armed with a shopping list and a jaunt around Borough Market we reignited centuries worth of competition to see which nation had it going on.

Our First Ooh

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Ooh a mystery box. What can it be?
Josie unpacks our first fondue, all the way from the U.S. of A.

So, based on a heavy night of raclette and a hangover worthy of a Swiss Dorothy Parker, Josie decided that fondue was due a comeback.  The next day at work, as Front of House at Morito, she passionately recounted the joys of melted cheese; the sociability, the combination of quality ingredients and, after an hour or two on Wikipedia, the history of fondue.  Morito’s chef, Charlie, and all round foodie was drawn in by Josie’s enthusiasm and by the end of their Sunday shift they had agreed to create Hackney’s finest fondue pop-up.

All this was all very well and good, but how to tell the discerning folk of east London about the new venture? Enter stage left, Michelle, Josie’s old friend from drama school, who now worked in advertising, and the cheese triangle that is Ooh-Fondue was born.

Less that 2 weeks later Ooh-Fondue is receiving vintage fondue sets from around the world. Well, when they’re not impounded by customs.

Good people and noble ventures…

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Wine and cheese are ageless companions, like aspirin and aches, or June and moon, or good people and noble ventures …

M.F.K. Fisher (1908–1992), U.S. culinary writer and autobiographer. Vin et Fromage, Introduction (1981).